The Joys and Woes of a Housewife

admin September 26, 2018

How a housewife keeps everything running effectively


An earlier post talked about a housewife’s duties and responsibilities. This time around, let’s see how housewives go about managing a household.

Being a housewife is a thankless job. To say housewives are busy is an understatement. From constant chores to looking after the family, these superwomen wouldn’t be wrong to feel overwhelmed at times due to their everyday responsibilities.

So, how does a housewife manage to keep everything running together?

For starters, she sleeps and wakes up early. The adage “early bird gets the worm” is especially true for a good housewife. As tempting as some “me time” sounds, she knows that she’ll get a lot done the next day if she goes to bed on time.

Second, she plans and prepares ahead of time. Because she knows she’ll have a lot on her plate from the moment she gets out of bed, she makes sure everything’s ready before bedtime. Imagine waking up unprepared the next day—an unwelcome sight, no?

Third, she knows a thing or two about organizing. This isn’t limited to just cleaning and sorting items in proper places. Her effective organization extends to scheduling plans and other matters. She passes this time-saving habit to her family to make their lives much easier.

Lastly, a housewife knows how and when to draw the line. A housewife isn’t a yes person 100 percent of the time—she knows when to say no and isn’t afraid to do so, especially if necessary.

A day in the life of a housewife is not as easy as many like to believe. Unfortunately, today’s society has given birth to a “stay-at-home mom” stigma, drawing flak from some parties. Nonetheless, these warrior women continue working hard to make sure their households are in tip-top shape.

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