The Responsibilities and Duties of Wife

Alyss Morgan June 8, 2018

Various duties of a housewife

duties of wife

A housewife is a woman who has chosen to sacrifice her own profession to provide her family the love and care they need and deserve. Being a housewife takes a lot courage and strength—that’s what makes them noble. But what does it take to be one of these strong and independent women? What are the different duties of a housewife?


Jack of All Trades


The duties of wife are limitless. One must not only know how to cook, wash dishes, do laundry, sweep the floor, and do all the common household chores. A full-time housewife also becomes a plumber when the sewer pipe breaks, becomes an electrician when the fluorescent lamp runs out of light. She can also be the lawyer of the family, the peacemaker, the doctor, the teacher, or the driver—truly a jack of all trades but, most of all, a master of serving her family.


Loves Her Husband and Her Children


The duties of a good wife are beyond what she can do physically. A good wife commits to her husband with all her heart and soul, never neglects her children, and cares for the family’s welfare. A committed wife to her husband can easily find solutions to the problems that may disturb the harmony of their living. The duties of wife also include attending to her children’s needs. Moreover, a good wife knows how to stabilize and control her emotions.


Knows and Values Her Worth


A productive wife may exhaust from doing all her chores, so it is part of her duties to take care of herself. In order to pamper the needs of her children and her husband, she must first spoil herself with the things she needs and wants. One best way to satisfy herself is to maintain her wellness. When a wife is physically and emotionally healthy, she is in a good condition to give out the best kind of love and care to her family.


The duties of a wife are never simple and hassle-free, as well as to sacrifice the profession she wants. Certainly, it takes a brave heart and a noble soul to be one.


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