The Honor of the Alejandros

About The Honor of the Alejandros

Carolina is pregnant, and she has no one by her side. Her husband and her family left her during a rough pregnancy. Without any money to support herself, she is running out of options to save herself and her unborn child.

To make matters worse, her brother-in-law arrives unexpectedly with bad news: her husband is already dead. What will become of Carolina as she is now a widow and going to be a single mother of a fatherless child?



Without further thought he wrapped her in the blanket again, picked her up and took her to his car. He carefully laid her in the back seat, and got into the driver’s side. He was going to have to get her some medical attention before he could get any answers.

Then he found a note in his brother’s handwriting. He read it, and slowly clenched his fist until the paper wrinkled He now knew how badly treated she had been by Diego. He knew his brother had been spoiled, but he never knew he was a cad. Well, she was an Alejandro now, and if he was not mistaken, she carried an Alejandro. He would take over the responsibility of her care.

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