Her Dream Restored

About Her Dream Restored

It is the desire of most women to someday be wed to a man and bear his children. This is a desire Tori knows she will never fulfill in life. A tragedy in her past has made her incapable of having children, so she decides to live the rest of her days in solitude.

But a moment at a bachelor’s auction emboldens her spirits when she meets someone who has the uncanny ability to rekindle the flames of her long-lost desires. Will she take a leap of faith for the chance of restoring her dreams?



When she woke she was in a room of white. She couldn’t remember where she was. Then a lady in white entered her room and she realized she was in a hospital. She started looking for Donnie but he wasn’t there. Tori tried to remember what happened. All of sudden images flashed in her head. They were on his motorcycle heading down the road. She saw headlights and heard a crash and then nothing. She looked at the nurse approaching her bed.

“That was the worst of it, Tori. I’m afraid you lost your baby. You had severe internal injuries that included your cervix. I’m afraid you will have no chance to have any more children. I’m sorry.”

The doctor left her with her thoughts. She felt empty inside. No Donnie. No baby. Just a few hours ago, she had her whole life to look forward to and nothing was left. She dozed off with tears streaming down her cheeks.

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