Blackwater Castle

About Blackwater Castle

Sir Guy is a knight in medieval England. He is strong and valiant but owned no lands. In appreciation for his years of service to King William, he is awarded the land upon which Blackwater Castle was erected. It is said that the previous owners had been slain in battle protecting the castle, except for the daughter.

The mystery of Blackwater Castle revolves around the existence of the daughter. If Sir Guy is to fulfill his knightly duties and occupy the castle, he must find the answers himself.



Katherine was working in her still room, when the big bell in the village rang. That was the signal for a fire. Katherine fetched her basket and stocked with her potions for burns. She went out to the bailey and had the hostlers hitch up her pony and cart. She rattled out the gate and down to the village. When she arrived, she could see that the cottages nearest the woods were on fire.

She was reluctant to leave because she still had a child unaccounted for. She urged them out and searched for the child. She thought to look under the bed and found her. She picked her up and covered with her wet dress and petticoat and ran out the door. There were villagers there to tend to them. One took the child into her arms, examining her for injuries. Someone else threw her on the ground and used a blanket to smother the fire that was licking at her clothes. Now that she was out, she could feel the burns on her arms and legs.

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