A New Beginning

About A New Beginning

Broke and penniless in England after paying the debt of their deceased father, Anne Spencer and her siblings are forced to live in the slums of London. But Anne is determined to recover everything that she and her family lost. They move to Boston with a renewed sense of optimism.

Anne has heard a lot about the colony in the Americas and the abundance of opportunities. She works her way up, only to be trotted to the dirt by a nasty rumor peddled by an English officer that she is a girl of loose morals. She has nowhere to go until she meets Theo, a kindhearted man who vows to give her everything and more.



She could tell that he had been drinking by the way he dismounted his horse, and he had a wild look in his eyes. Frightened, she backed away. She thought she had seen the last of him and here he was, drunk and carrying on at her home. She ran to the entryway to escape him and get help, but he grabbed her by the arm and squeezed until it throbbed.

Theo had hold of Lieutenant Rogers and was pummeling him. She saw some of the workers pull them apart. From the look of Lieutenant Rogers, he had taken a solid beating. Theo removed the hands from his arms and walked over to Rogers. Theo threw him onto his horse, mounted his own horse, took the reins, and headed for Boston. Anne felt herself lose consciousness and then knew no more.

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