tea act

The Tea Act of 1773

Alyss Morgan April 20, 2018

The British Tea Act became the grounds of the Boston Tea Party

British citizens are known for their love of tea. In the 17th century, tea was introduced to Europe by Dutch and Portuguese traders who shipped tea from China and other Asian countries. Tea, back then, was sold for 10 per pound, which is around 2,000 in today’s value. Yet the average British . . .


Peoples’ Most Loved Drinks in the Seventeenth Century

Alyss Morgan April 13, 2018

There are many existing beverages now in the whole world that you can’t even memorize or pronounce their names correctly. Many people make their own beverages and build their own establishments to sell their yield to the public. They even mix nonalcoholic and alcoholic drinks (if you prefer it that way).

But before all these beverages were formulated, some . . .


Marriage in the 1700s

Alyss Morgan April 6, 2018

Remarkably Good Marriage Practices in American History

Life in America during the 1700s was way simpler and more customary than today. As time went on, several practices had changed, together with the advent of technology and expansion of human understanding. One of the many traditions that changed quite drastically is marriage.

Most families in the 170 . . .

gender roles

On Gender Roles in 17th Century America

Alyss Morgan March 23, 2018

Are you confused about what the roles of men and woman in the society are according to their gender? Well, let’s tackle about what the gender roles in America are and how roles were divided during the 17th century.

Gender role, according to its definition, is the “behavior and attitude appropriate to a person’s gender.” It’s is also the di . . .


How Was Courtship Done in the 1700s

Alyss Morgan March 16, 2018

Some relationships start from friendship that leads to courtship, or what we now refer to as dating. You may have experienced excitement because someone courted you before or are courting someone whom you love. The typical scene is, a gentleman gives a dozen roses to a girl he adores, no matter the cost. Women receive chocolates and bouquets from their suitors. But do you want to know how . . .

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