human birthing process

The Birthing Process and Practices during the 1700s

Alyss Morgan July 13, 2018

Extraordinary human birthing process

Giving birth is one of the most dangerous and hardest struggles of women as it means risking their own lives.

Before this technologically-savvy generation, there were no ultrasounds, fetal monitors, vacuum extractors, and others tools used in labor and delivery. The birthing process only revolved around trusting God . . .

American revolution

Boston Tea Party: Where the American Revolution Began

Alyss Morgan June 22, 2018

American Revolution Period History

In American history, the Boston Tea Party is renowned as one of the major causes of the American Revolution. The people of America, especially the patriots, give importance to this event, but why? How did it contribute to the American Revolution, and who were the people behind this significant occurrence?


At . . .

duties of wife

The Responsibilities and Duties of Wife

Alyss Morgan June 8, 2018

Various duties of a housewife

A housewife is a woman who has chosen to sacrifice her own profession to provide her family the love and care they need and deserve. Being a housewife takes a lot courage and strength—that’s what makes them noble. But what does it take to be one of these strong and independent women? What are the . . .

The Perks of Law and Order

Alyss Morgan June 1, 2018

Various Influences and Importance of Law and Order in Society

Law and order play a vital role in a society as it regulates the norms and behaviors of the people. Without these regulations, people have a high tendency to overuse and abuse their freedom, and as a result, this abuse of one’s power and freedom will disturb the harmony in soc . . .

Harassment of Women from 1700s Onward

Alyss Morgan May 25, 2018

Reasons constituting sexual harassment

Over the past centuries, society hasn’t considered sexual harassment as a crime. In ancient times, society saw women only as possessions; therefore, the latter were given fewer rights and freedoms. Women have experienced various forms of harassment, most especially sexual in nature . . .

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