Fashion in the 1700s: Spotlight on the US and UK

Alyss Morgan February 23, 2018

Fashion has already existed long time ago. Wearing fancy clothes or dressing well reflected your social standing. Men set the fashion first, while women and children followed them. In the sixteenth to seventeenth century, England colonized America, and this was the Americans’ first taste of European fashion. Let’s take a look back at the fashion of the men . . .

colonization of America

The English Colonization of America

Alyss Morgan February 16, 2018

The remarkable story of how England’s exploration and colonization of north America began

In the late 1400s, Spanish explorers started travelling the world in search of new lands. Many of these explorers claimed these lands for the Spanish crown, bringing in supplies and glory to Spain. Soon, many other European forces we . . .


How Was It Like to Travel via Ship during the 1700s

Alyss Morgan February 9, 2018

The seventeenth century was the era of discoveries for all sailors. Their life was hard and dangerous. Many voyagers died on the trip, which lasted for several months. The sailors navigated the ocean by compass, map, sextant, and clock. The wooden ship encountered huge waves and storms. The voyagers, despite all the odds, helped each other maintain the . . .

slum life

Slum Life in London

Alyss Morgan February 2, 2018

Sneak Peek: Secret Life of Slum Dwellers in Luxurious London

When you think of London, you’ll immediately imagine the old Big Ben, the city of Westminster, the London Eye, or Prince William. It’s no wonder everyone wants to live and work in London. Why, it’s one of the richest and most beautiful cities in the world. H . . .

England in the 1700s

England in the 1700s: A Quick Overview

Alyss Morgan January 26, 2018

A keen view of the unique life in the 1700s England

Eighteenth-Century England

Life in England in the 1700s was a chaotic and exciting time. It was the time when the Industrial Revolution began, and England was in the middle of it all. Before the Industrial Revolution, which began in Britain in the late . . .

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