Courtship and Marriage in the Eighteenth Century

Courtship and Marriage in the Eighteenth Century

admin January 23, 2019

Courting and marrying partners in colonial America


It goes without saying that today’s courtship and marriage customs are different from those back in the 18th century. What was it like to court and marry someone during colonial times? A history lesson awaits.

Young white men started to court women while in their late years. Women, on the ot . . .

History of women in the United Kingdom

Alyss Morgan December 13, 2018

A brief history on women of the United Kingdom


The United Kingdom is a sovereign country with a very rich history. Their leaders and wars are among the most taught history in schools around the world since they helped shape the modern time. Part of its rich history is how the roles and rights of women evolved as time passed. To learn more, here i . . .

American Revolution

Five American Revolution Facts You May Not Know

admin November 15, 2018

Who started the revolution? Things history class missed to teach

The American Revolution is the most celebrated event of American history. Why? Well, as what has been taught to us since time immemorial in school, this war freed the colonies, which are now the Americans, from Great Britain.


However, there are some fun and entertaining facts tha . . .


Four Strong and Independent Women of the 1940 Feminism

admin November 1, 2018

Powerful women of the 1940s you need to meet

The feminist movement was created for a sole reason—to create awareness and a new belief that men and women have equal rights as human beings. During a time where women are seen as weak, stupid, and purely domestic, feminism was every woman’s answer to break free from the norm. The strong voice of women bega . . .


The Joys and Woes of a Housewife

admin September 26, 2018

How a housewife keeps everything running effectively

An earlier post talked about a housewife’s duties and responsibilities. This time around, let’s see how housewives go about managing a household.

Being a housewife is a thankless job. To say housewives are busy is an understate . . .

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